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An ordinary bath will become an extraordinary ritual for body and soul. In elegant gift boxes you will find colour-matched bath salts, soap roses and sunflowers.

Combination of natural salt and essential oils will provide exceptional aromatherapeutic experience. Unique aroma blends have a stimulating, relaxing, detoxifying or warming effect. Luxurious soap flowers petals, delicately melting in warm water, will be a real cherry on the top. 

To make the spa gift box more romantic, you could consider adding items that have a romantic theme or that are specifically designed to create a romantic atmosphere. Some ideas might include:

✓ Scented candles in romantic fragrances, such as rose, lavender, or vanilla

✓ A bottle of champagne or sparkling wine to enjoy while soaking in the tub

✓ A box of chocolates or other sweet treats to enjoy while relaxing in the bath

✓ A massage oil or lotion that can be used to give each other a relaxing massage after the bath

✓ A soft, plush robe or a cozy throw blanket to snuggle up in together after the bath

These types of items can help to create a more intimate and romantic atmosphere, and they can make the spa gift box a special treat that is perfect for sharing with a loved one.


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